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Want to start a blog, grow your blog, or turn your blog into a business? Let me help! I’ve been building free resources for my Digital Decluttered community and they are all available right here . Just for you, my VIP subscriber!

Below you’ll find my free courses and downloads. And every month I’ll add at least one new item. Probably more than one, but I’m setting realistic goals by promising one.

Now I put a lot of work into this. So a small favor – please don’t share the password with anyone else. It gets updated regularly, but if it changes I’ll be sure to let you know in the newsletter.

Just click on an image to access the resource. If you have any problems, shoot me through an email to:

support (at)

Enjoy! Jillian xx

Free Courses

Available Now

Free how to start a blog course

This seven part course will step you through the planning, technical set up, content and social media required to launch your blog and even a business.

Free Canva Beginner's Course

Five lessons and less than an hour and you’ll be creating beautiful graphics with Canva. Save money and time (yes you can save time even when you DIY!)

Coming soon

Pinterest Challenge

Available July 2018

Instagram marketing starter course

Available August 2018

Free Downloads

Available Now

Headline Cover

Take the hard work out of writing article headlines, social media captions and email subject lines with these simple fill in the blank formulas (with examples)

I’ve spent years figuring out the best kind of posts to use to get engagement with my Facebook audience. Swipe these ideas and get your communities talking.

700 Quotes Digital Decluttered - content upgrade ideas

A great, inspiring quote helps fill up your social media feed and build engagement with your audience. This is my big list of over 700, fully editable in a spreadsheet for you to use.

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Coming soon

Listbuilder cover

Coming soon

Blog post checklist cover

Coming soon

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