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Canva tip: How to add a text shadow in Canva

Canva can do a lot, but there’s no native function add a text shadow in Canva.  Canva users all over the world are begging for a simple solution for this very popular design effect. It is possible to create the look of text shadow in Canva if you are willing to do a little bit of […]

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How to use Pinterest to build your profitable blog

The Pinterest secret is out. Unlike typical social media, its search capabilities are giving smart bloggers a spike in traffic. Find out how you can get the power of Pinterest behind your blog.This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission or […]

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Canva tip: How to create a text mask in Canva

Would you like to create a text mask in Canva? It’s actually quite easy. A text mask is a letter  with an image inside. You can create some really nice effects for your graphics using this method. That said, there is only one letter style, so if you are looking to create a text mask (like a […]

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How to start a Facebook Group

If you want to create an engaged and meaningful presence on Facebook, here’s how to start a Facebook Group to grow your relationship with your audience. Includes free download: 10 Posts To Build Engagement With Your Facebook Audience (scroll to end of article). You may also be interested in my podcast episode on getting organic reach […]

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Canva tip: How to add a gradient in Canva

It may not be obvious, but it is actually quite easy to add a gradient in Canva. A gradient is a graduated blend between two or more colors or between two tints of the same color. Adding a gradient can give your design a more natural feel, and you can also play with adding color to create […]

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13 examples of commonly misused words

These 13 examples are among the mostly commonly misused words. Find out how to use them the right way, with tips to make it easier. ​ Do you have to bite your tongue when you hear commonly misused words? We all get words wrong sometimes. Even when we know better.  So rather than get myself worked up, I […]

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15 ways to stop emails going to spam

There’s nothing more frustrating than your emails going to spam. It’s a waste of your time and could be hurting your business. These simple steps will help reduce the risks and get your important messages opened.  If there’s one thing your email marketing needs, it’s to stay out of the spam folder. No doubt you’re […]

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