Canva tip: How to create a text mask in Canva

Would you like to create a text mask in Canva? It's actually quite easy.

A text mask is a letter  with an image inside. You can create some really nice effects for your graphics using this method.

That said, there is only one letter style, so if you are looking to create a text mask (like a metallic font) with a wide variety of fonts, I've got an alternative solution.

But if you'd rather stick with Canva, keep reading! In this tutorial, I've used the Chrome Extension Eyedropper to select colors. You can use free images in Canva or search for free images from sites like Pixabay.

How to create a text mask in Canva

How to create a text mask in Canva

Step by step: How to create a text mask in Canva

  1. Open a blank design in Canva
  2. Search for photoholder letters
  3. Drag your letters into the design
  4. Add any other elements like text & images you want to use 5. Drag the photo you want inside each letter into the design until your mouse cursor is directly over the letter and you will see the image 'drop' into place
  5. Group all the elements and adjust the size

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