Canva tip: You now get more design pages in Canva 2.0

I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to discover you get more design pages in Canva 2.0.

One of my biggest frustrations in Canva 1.0 was that I was limited to 30 pages in a design. 

I often batch content, so if I was making a post per day for a month, those months with 31 days were a real frustration.

And if you were creating an eBook with more than 30 pages, you had to download separate design files then combine them in another program to create one PDF.

In Canva 2.0 you get 100 pages in each design!

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You get more design pages in Canva 2.0

Step by step: How to create a 100 page design in Canva 2.0

This tutorial was recorded live in my Facebook Canva group. In it, I explain how to create and manage a 100 page design.

While you do get more design pages in Canva 2.0, that bonus comes with a few challenges. As a browser-based app, Canva can be influenced by your broadband speeds and the size of elements you place in your design.

Go crazy adding pages in Canva 2.0, but if you want to avoid stalling, keep the added pressure of those pages in mind. In particular, avoid too many large elements like high-res photos that could slow down the functionality of the app.

Got questions about more design pages in Canva 2.0? 

If you have any questions about more design pages in Canva 2.0, please join my free Create with Canva Facebook Group for support and live tutorials.  For questions and support on other digital marketing topics, please join my free Digitial Decluttered  Facebook Group for updates and to join the conversation.

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