Canva tip: How to add a gradient in Canva

It may not be obvious, but it is actually quite easy to add a gradient in Canva.

A gradient is a graduated blend between two or more colors or between two tints of the same color.

Adding a gradient can give your design a more natural feel, and you can also play with adding color to create an inspiring look.

Follow this step by step tutorial to apply a gradient in Canva.

How to add a gradient in Canva

How to add a gradient in Canva

Step one: Create your design in Canva. While a gradient is most commonly applied over a photo, you can use it over the entire design. Or you can create layers by adding a gradient over the background then layer text and other elements over the top of that.

How to add a gradient in Canva

Step two: In the search field, search for gradient. A number of choices will appear. In this tutorial, we are using a dark to light gradient, but you can also experiment with other choices, like centered light. When you search you can select a gradient from the photo options, but there are now much better selections in the the graphics results (see second photo) including the option to add gradient shapes.

How to add a gradient in Canva
Canva gradient shape

Step three: Add the gradient you want to your design. You can use the element rotate arrow at the bottom of the gradient element to swivel it to best match the shape of your design or place it in the direction you want the gradient to flow.

How to add a gradient in Canva

Step four: Drag the gradient element to adjust the size so it covers your design.

How to add a gradient in Canva

Step five: You can change the transparency and color of the gradient in Canva as well. While many gradients will be black or grey based, you can experiment with a shade that matches or contrasts with your color palette.

How to add a gradient in Canva

Step six: Once you're happy with the result, download your design! It's that simple to add a gradient in Canva.

Now you can experiment with adding a gradient in Canva with some of your projects. Try adding a gradient to your Facebook cover image to create a more interesting graphic.

How to add a gradient in Canva

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